Heidi Heiser

When I start a painting, I explore the mysterious terrain between what can be measured by the physical senses and what can be perceived only by emotions. Whether it’s walking on the beach, or random objects, I’m always getting ideas for my paintings. When I observe the scene or subject, it evokes a feeling or mood in me. This very first notion is what interests me the most. I try to capture the vitality and the rich diversity of the scenery while concentrating on the emotional context. I sometimes plein air. When time does not permit that luxury, I use my own photography. 

My work conveys expressions of emotion and connection; of life and energy letting the viewer’s imagination to be engaged, allowing them to be part of the painting. Another must in my creative process is music, it enhances my creativity to a whole new level.

I graduated with a BFA and BA from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. I then continued my art studies at Miami University of Ohio, Ohio University and San Diego State University. I taught secondary art in Boulder, Colorado, then moved back to La Jolla, California and worked as a senior graphic designer at Pacific Southwest Airlines and Cubic Corporation, designing corporate logos, annual reports and so much more. Originally from Hamilton, Ohio, I now reside and paint in Del Mar, California.



Copyright: All paintings © 2019 by Heidi Heiser